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Featured Heros

Mary Lane

Mary Lane has been part of the club  since 2014, when her son Ryan joined the club. Mary took over the running of the canteen with support from her husband Chris, from Mary Lister, who retired at the beginning of June 2018. Mary Lister had managed the club canteen, from the club's time at Maindy Stadium.

One the actions Mary Lane did, was to involve users of the canteen in a survey of what provisions they would like to see provided by the canteen.  The result was a new menu, and the canteen opening on Tuesday evening Academy sessions, for increased Academy members and parents. These actions has resulted have increased revenue from the canteen, helping club  finances. Mary has been commended by parents for her friendly manner, and enthusiatic approach in running the club canteen. 

Thank you, Mary.

Mark Gold

Mark Gold 2017

Hero of the month - May 2018

Mark has been part of the club since 2013, when his children Bethany joined the club, closely followed by James and Millie. Mark has also been involved in the club coaching system since 2013.

Mark has Team Managed club Junior teams in the Gwent League Cross Country fixtures, since 2015.

Mark is currently the Club Manager, he has worked tirelessly to develop and improve all areas of the club.

In the recent successful BAL and UKAWL match held on the 2nd June in Cardiff, although many people were in involved with the organisation of event. Mark was the main person in working tirelessly, in preparing and delivering the 50th Anniversary fixture.

One of Mark's favouite projects is the Young Leaders programme, where young athletes can be developed for a future in coaching, and learn life skills.

Thank you Mark.


Jane Pru and Jodie

Heros of the month - April 2018

Jane, Pru and Jodie stepped up and volunteered to Team Manage the Welsh Junior League U13 Boys and Girls teams. Had they not done so, the U13 athletes may not have been able to compete in WJL. Jane, Pru and Jodie approached their new roles with enthusiam and determination, they have learnt extremely fast, thus enabling the next generation of athletes to shine. At the first WJL meeting in Herford their commitment and energy was plain to see, as they welcomed new athletes and parents into the team. They took time to congratulate and talk with every athlete post event. The future of Cardiff's U13 WJL athletes, is safe with these team managers.

Thank you Jane, Pru and Jodie 

Natali Hughes

Natalie Hughes 2017

Hero of the month - March 2018

Natali joined the club with her son Ben in 2015 and has thrown herself into the life of the club. She has team managed for the past few years, track and field teams at U13, including Welsh Junior League and UK Youth Development League. Natali has through her own determination and exertion, has managed to  competitive teams and finalists.produced  

Mark Vincent

Mark Vincent 2017

Hero of the Month - February 2018


Mark joined the club with his children in 2013 and has thrown himself into the life of the club. He has team managed for numerous years, in track and field teams,

including Welsh Junior League and UK Youth Development League, and through his own determination and endeavor has managed to produceleague winning teams and finalists.

Congratualations, and thank you, Mark 

Lorraine Price and Alex Janhontow

Lorraine and Alex 2018

Heroes of the Month - January 2018

Lorraine joined the club with her children in 2013 and Alex Joined in 2016, since when they have both thrown themselves into the life of the club. Lorraine is qualified as a coach and Alex coaches in the academy; they also team manage for the track and field under 11 girls and boys.  They are both qualified officials and are often seen working at events. Never known to have turned down a request to help, Lorraine and Alex are an integral part of Cardiff AAC.

Mary Lane

Hero of the month - June 2018

Mary has been part of the club since 2014 when her son Ryan joined the club. In June 2018 Mary took over the club canteen, after club stalwart Mary Lister retired. One of the first actions Mary did, was to involve club members in a survey of what members would like to see the canteen provide. The survey resulted in new menu items for sale, and opened the canteen on Tuesday evenings for increasing members in Academy sessions.  Mary's initative has seen an increased in canteen revenue. Mary has also been praised by parents for her friendly manner, and enthusiatic approach with the club canteen. 

Thank you, Mary. 

Mary James

Mary James

Hero of the Month - December 2017

Mary joined Cardiff AAC with her son and daughter in 2013 and has thrown herself into the life of the club. She is the team manager for the under17/under20 men's cross-country team during the cold winter months and is also a regular during the track and field season, helping at a drop of a hat. Mary can also be seen helping with coaching when parent helpers are required and has also competed for the club at cross-country and road running

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards 2016

Hero of the Month - November 2017

Paul joined with his son and daughter in 2015 and has thrown himself into the life of the club. He has qualified as a coach and coaches in the Academy as well as acting as team manager for the track and field under 15 girls and as assistant manager for the junior cross country section. Paul also competes for the club in track and field, cross country and road running. Never known to turn down a request to help, he has now volunteered to manage the South Wales under 15 girls for the inter-regional cross country championships.

Mary Lister

Mary Lister 2016

Hero of the Month - October 2017

As have many others, Mary first got involved in Cardiff AAC through her son when the club was based at Maindy Stadium and was soon invited to help in the small kitchen that served as the club canteen. When the club moved to its first home in Leckwith in 1989, Mary had by then taken the reins of the canteen and has been doing so ever since. There is more to running the canteen than serving refreshments on club nights and, amongst other things, Mary has to make frequent visits to the warehouse to ensure that stocks of sweets, tea, coffee, etc. are maintained. With her right hand woman Enfys and other volunteers, the canteen is an essential feature of the club, not only providing much needed funds but, equally, making an important contribution to the friendly atmosphere.

Liz Davies

Liz Davies 2015

Hero of the Month - September 2017

Elizabeth (Liz) Davies joined the club six years ago as a middle distance runner and then took up coaching, where she has already made her mark. With a group of talented and improving athletes, Liz is widely respected and seen as one of the quailty coaches for the future. She is a more than adequate middle distance runner and, despite suffering from ill health during the past couple of years, has continued with her coaching and running. She is also the South Region Regional Endurance Coordinator. Cardiff AAC is delighted to count Liz as one of its important members and long may this continue.

Gayle Farrell

Gayle Farrell 2017

Hero of the Month - August 2017

Since joining the club with her two sons two years ago, Gayle has taken up the role as academy administrator and has become a vital member of the academy leadership.  Gayle is working with the team to restructure the academy and her experience in administration has been extremely beneficial to the progress of the restructuring. Gayle also implemented the early register and payment scheme that has resulted in smoother transition to the new terms.

Sharon Heveran

Sharon Heveran 2014

Hero of the Month - July 2017

Sharon Heveran is a former Olympic high jumper and holds the club record at 1.86m. Since finishing her competitive career she has taken up a successful coaching career, as well as acting as team manager to the club's UK Women's Athletic League team. Since taking up this role four years ago, she has come tantalisingly close to securing the team's promotion to the premier division of the league, missing out this year by a mere six points in the final match of the year. Sharon provides a great motivational force behind the team and is willing to fill in a gap as a competitor for the team points. She is brimming with ideas and has made an important contribution to Cardiff AAC. 

Peter Gregson

Peter Gregson 2016

Hero of the Month - June 2017

Peter Gregson arrived at the club with his children, as so many do, and gradually got more and more involved as a willing helper. He has qualified both as an official and coach and has recently taken on an important role as field event officials coordinator. Peter broke his hand some weeks ago, but despite suffering considerable inconvenience and pain, carried on as a field event official whenever needed, when he would have been fully justified in taking a rest.

Rory McKerlich

Rory McKerlich

Hero of the Month - May 2017

Rory joined the club with his son and daughter four years ago and has thrown himself into the life of the club. He has qualified as a coach and also as an official and is an ever-present at club and Welsh events whenever he is needed. Never known to have turned down a request to help, Rory has now volunteered to act as the club's Track Officials coordinator, another important role. Thank you Rory.

Brian Dias

Brian Dias 2017

Hero of the Month - April 2017

Brian joined Cardiff AAC some years ago and has become a well known member of the club. His performances as an athlete have steadily improved and he is a prolific competitor, always willing to fill a gap in a club team if needed, even at short notice. He has qualified as an official and is often to be seen on the timekeepers' stand. Whether in summer or winter, if someone is needed to assist anywhere, is there anyone more willing to help than Brian? Probably not.

Chris Barlow

Chris Barlow 2016

Hero of the Month - March 2017

Since joining the club with stepson Tom Britt only four years ago, Chris has taken up coaching and has been a member of Peter Lane's coaching group. Chris suffered an extremely serious illness in December but was determined to overcome this and has now resumed his coaching activities with Peter. We are delighted to see Chris back and wish him well for the future.

Richie Jones

Richie Jones 2017

Hero of the Month - February 2017

Richie has been involved with the club for many years, having always taken a special interest in coaching younger athletes. He was a key member of the Track Rats team which was a predecessor of what we now call the Cardiff Athletics Academy. We missed him for a number of years but he returned seven years ago to take up his old role with even greater enthusiasm. Along with Keith Simmons (January's hero), Richie established an important group specifically intended to help younger athletes making a transition from the Academy to a specialist group. Despite being in pain prior to his recent knee replacement, Richie continued with his coaching and we are very grateful to him.

Keith Simmons

Keith Simmons 2017

Hero of the Month - January 2017

Keith joined the club in 2011 and quickly found a place amongst the coaches. He became qualified and joined Richie Jones to help with an important coaching group that includes athletes at a crucial point in their progress. Keith is a popular member of the Cardiff AAC family, hardly ever misses a club night, is usually one of the first to arrive and is always willing to help with any task whenever help is needed (just ask Enfys). Volunteers such as Keith are the backbones of voluntary organisations.

Hannah Pretty

Hannah Pretty 2016

Hero of the Month - December 2016

Hannah joined the club at a time when we had been trying to cope with a large inflow of young new members following the London Olympic Games in 2012. Together with Danni Mill she devised the idea of forming an Academy for the younger members and, under their joint leadership, this has gone from strength to strength and has become an important part of Cardiff AAC. Having taken on a new job, Danni has been absent from the Academy for six months and, during this period, Hannah has taken on Danni's role as well as her own. It is no exaggeration to say that, without Hannah's efforts, the Academy may not have been able to continue.

Thank you Hannah.

Tom Meyer

Tom Meyer

Hero of the Month - November 2016

Tom Meyer joined the club more than 20 years ago, took up coaching and has been an ever-present since. He is a respected sprints coach and has helped numerous sprinters, many of whom have gone on to achieve great success, Notable amongst these was Tim Benjamin who started as a 100/200m runner and went on to become one of Britain's best 400m runners. Current Welsh number one 100m runner Sam Gordon joined as a 14 year old and was guided in his early years by Tom.

In recent years, his work has meant that Tom spends long periods away from Britain but, whenever he returns home, he is back coaching at the club. The club and the sport owe a great deal to those like Tom Meyer.

James Thie

James Thie

Hero of the Month - October 2016

After a successful career as an international athlete, including representing Great Britain in the world championship, James turned to coaching and has become one of Wales' leading middle distance coaches. His squad of athletes includes many Cardiff athletes and most of the recent medal winning six and four stage national road relay teams were coached by James. He himself ran in the Cardiff B team and was a member of the gold medal winning six stage team in 1999 and of the silver medal winning twelve stage team in 2013. Coaches are the unsung heroes of our sport and James is one of the best.

Enfys Hawthorn

Hero of the Month - September 2016

An ever-present on club nights, Enfys is invariably one of the first to arrive and amongst the last to leave. She has been an indispensible member of the canteen team for more years than she cares to remember but combines this with being responsible for the club's range of kit. She volunteered to take over the kit many years ago and has gradually increased the range of items available. There is more to this than meets the eye as Enfys has to manage the stocks, arrange ordering and deliveries as necessary and meeting suppliers.

Cardiff AAC depends on people like Enfys.

Alyson Hourihan

Alyson Hourihan

Hero of the Month - August 2016

Alyson Hourihan joined Cardiff AAC when she was 12 years old and has been a member ever since. After a successful athletic career as a thrower, Alyson took up coaching and is a popular coach with a thriving squad of throwers. She is an ever-present on club nights and managed to combine her coaching with the demands of a police officer until her retirement. Alyson has also done a stint as the club's welfare officer. Cardiff AAC is grateful to Alyson, and others like her, who give up so much time to help the next generations of athletes.

Paul Darney

Paul Darney

Hero of the Month - July 2016

It would need a book to describe Paul's contributions to Cardiff AAC over the years since he joined as a 17-year old. After a career as a successful Welsh international middle distance runner, Paul took up coaching and has guided numerous athletes, including Olympians Andres Jones and Christian Stephenson. Paul is a Life Member and has had stints as both President and Chairman. One of his proudest moments came in July when Jake Heyward won the gold medal in the 1500m at the European under 18 championships. 

Seren Phillips

Seren Phillips 2016

Hero of the Month - June 2016

Seren Phillips (15) has acted as a technical official for the club for over a year. She has officiated as a track official in a wide range of competitions including the Welsh championships. Most young officials concentrate on one discipline, but when the club was in need of a time keeper for a YDL match in Swansea, Seren offered to undertake this role. Despite not having acted as a timekeeper before, Seren spent the day as a timekeeper scoring vital points for the team.

Seren has completed the training course and practical test to qualify as a level 2 sports leader and has to complete a log book to pass.

Debbie Bull

Debbie Bull

Hero of the Month - May 2016

Debbie Bull joined the club in 1998 with her sons and was soon cajoled into what became a succession of very important roles. She was general secretary for three years from 2007 and was also a membership secretary for several years until the system was computerised. She was a great supporter of the National Junior League (now the UK YDL for upper age groups) from its inception and persuaded the club that it should enter a team, which she has managed ever since; and was rewarded on 30th May with a convincing win for her team. She has organised all the club's home track and field fixtures for many years and, outside the club, has been involved with the region and with Welsh Athletics. She combines all this with a busy and responsible full time job. For her massive contribution to Cardiff AAC she was made a Life Member and she received a Meritorious Award from Welsh Athletics in 2013.

Ceri Jones

Ceri Jones 2016

Hero of the Month - April 2016

Athlete, coach, official, organiser! As an athlete, she has tried most events, she is a qualified official and coaches in Cardiff's Academy. However, she was selected as April's Hero for conceiving and organising the very successful Run Jump Throw competition for under 15 athletes on 10th April. With over 120 competitors, each taking part in three events, this concept can become an important opener to the season. She is also the Welsh representative on the UK Athletics' Youth Forum and a pretty good photographer. And she is still only 17. Phew!

Peter Lane

Peter Lane 2014

Hero of the Month - March 2016

Peter Lane joined the club more than thirty years ago and has made a huge contribution. Having first got involved through his children, as many do, Peter took up coaching and specialised in sprinting; he has coached numerous fine sprinters including international Helen Miles who is still a club record holder. A former headmaster, Peter has been chairman of the club as well as of the South Wales region. He regularly acts as announcer at events and has been a part of the team that has organised the successful annual presentation of awards, acting as master of ceremonies. Those such as Peter Lane are the lifeblood of clubs and we are very grateful.

Sue and Rob Hooper

Sue and Rob Hooper 2016

Heroes of the Month - January 2016

Without officials, athletic competitions could not happen and it would be difficult to name any who are more dedicated and reliable than Sue and Rob Hooper. Working as a starters team, they are ever present throughout the year, regardless of the weather, and often working throughout a long timetable. At the same time Rob is a respected sprints coach and Sue is still competing in Masters events. And, if that's not enough, they are both leading officials in Welsh Masters Athletics organisation.   

Kay Chapman

Kay Chapman

Hero of the Month - December 2015

Cardiff AAC is very fortunate to be able to count on so many who give of their time and expertise and there are few who contribute more than Kay. Having re-joined the club with her son Ciaran, Kay is an ever-present and hard working enthusiast. As a cross country team manager, the large increase in younger members taking part in cross country, with great success, is due to Kay. She has been an important member of the club's strategic review group and is always available to help and advise.


Dave Hawthorn

 Dave Hawthorn

Hero of the Month - November 2015

It is not difficult to understand why Dave Hawthorn has been chosen as Hero of the Month. Having contributed enormously to the club as coach, team manager and in other roles over nearly thiry years, Dave was coaching until only a few days before his sudden and untimely death on 8th November. His courage and determination to carry on as normal since his diagnosis with Motor Neurone disease just over a year ago was an example to all.

Jen Stone

Jen Stone

Hero of the Month - October 2015

Jen Stone came to the club with her daughter Emily and has become one of the many helpers without whom the club could not exist. She was one of the team managers who encouraged the YDL junior team to the national final after winning the regional division but, more recently, has started "Jen's Joggers", a group of mainly ladies who go for a run together on Monday evenings. This is a great initiative and some of Jen's Joggers will be running in the Gwent Cross Country league this weekend, However, Jen stresses that this group is to encourage "social" runners and that all ages and abilities are welcome.

Andrew Seary

Andrew Seary 2013

Hero of the Month - September 2015

The club's popular annual Presentation of Awards evening has grown steadily and this year's event, held on 13th September at the Cardiff City Stadium, was the biggest and the best so far. Andrew Seary was the originator and has been the leader of the organising team since the occasion began eight years ago. He is also chairman of the club's Track and Field Committee and a team manager. As a qualified physiotherapist, he is always willing to advise on injuries and is a most valued member of the club's general committee.


Tim Fry

Tim Fry

Hero of the Month - August 2015

Tim Fry is better known as one of our respected middle distances coaches but stepped into the breach last year when we needed a team manager for the British League team. With a weakened team for the final match of 2015 at Liverpool, and knowing that every point was vital, Tim donned his spikes for the first time in a few years and filled a gap in the 800m, completing the two lap race somewhat outside his personal best time. What an example! Thank you Tim.   


Annwen Gammon

Annwen Gammon 2013

Hero of the Month - July 2015

The general committee decided that recognition should be given to members who do something special for the club. Athlete of the Month represents an outstanding performance in competition and this precludes others who may be equally deserving but in a different way.

A perfect example of this is Annwen Gammon. Annwen was athlete of the month in 2013 but, this year has been injured and unable to compete until very recently. This has not stopped her from helping in various ways whenever she was asked. She has helped with officiating and has been an excellent example of not letting an injury get you down but carry on in other ways.

Congratulations to Annwen and thank you.