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Cardiff Throws 6

Thursday 4 July 2019

Arrived at stadium 6.45pm for our club's monthly meeting on Tuesday evening. Academy was well under way, noticed football coaches were on grass with balls etc. Carried on walking to throwing area at back of stadium. Was surprised by number of athletes, coaches and officials and WA's staff present, lovelly weather and it's an invitation on line only event. T&F is my first interest, closely followed by XC and Road. Immediately got involved in discussion with Adrian Palmer who was observing the performances. One important point he made was that the club should take interest in these events, can see a number of reasons why this should happen. A number of pb performances were achieved. Brett Morse threw 55.48m, good practce for BAL match on Saturday. See Cardiff's throwers results below.   

HT. U20W Ffion Palmer 1st 55.13 pb. Caitlin Chapman 5th 17.23. U17W Lily Gregson 32.56m pb. U13B Leon Gregson 28.26 pb. 

DT. SM      Brett Morse 1st 55.48m. U23M Harry Hillman 2nd 32.89. U17M Evan Jones 28.25 1st.

SP. U13M  Leon Gregson 7th, 1st U13 6.97m.

Athletes competing were from Newport, Rhondda, Pontyclun, Cardiff Archers, Swansea, Bristol and Swindon. Due to evening competition, numbers of competing athletes are limited, due to travel time to events, and time length of competition.

Javelin throws could not take place, due to football training took place from 7pm.

Same team were down Monday, their coaches came out onto grass area at 6.45pm. Alyson Hourilon squad were training, and one javelin got close to where coaches were standing, they soon stood back off pitch.At 7pm footballers came out, and is wasn't long before footballs were coming onto track at a number of points.

One of my female athletes on 300m reps, re UKWAL team on Saturday had to stop, as one football came out onto track in front of her, footballers laughed. Big mistake, athlete 23yrs old, went back to football coaches, politely told them off for nearly causing an injury, and added that the footballers laughing at incident, made matters worse. Athlete qualifies as a doctor in 2020.

Yours truly had 3 footballs on track by me. Wouldn't move them, not a ball boy. A footballer gave me a load of foul abuse, replied this is our club training night that we pay for, so entitled to be here, we also don't use your kind of language, due to children, women athletes, and parents present.  Think it was lost on him.

Ball sports and Athletics do not mix, and should never take place at same time. We've lost two Thursday club nights to football, and disruption on Tuesday evening. Unless club stands it's ground, HofS will increase football at stadium.