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Where is he now?

Sunday 25 July 2010

Peter Stafford was the club’s British League team manager before handing over to James Williams last year. He also worked for Welsh Athletics as Competition Manager before landing a prestigious job with European Athletics, based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Peter is pictured (left) with Christian Milz, the Director General of European Athletics.

Peter’s three years in Cardiff with Welsh Athletics gave him valuable experience of organising events but his new position in European Athletics, the organisation responsible for athletics throughout Europe, was a huge step up.

At 26 years of age, Peter is European Athletics’ Projects Consultant, where he reports directly to Christian Milz, the Director General . He is a senior member of the events team but has special responsibility for long term planning and developing new projects. He has led the production of strategic guidelines for the evaluation of venues bidding to host European Championship events.

The European Junior Championships will be held next year (2011) in Tallinn, Estonia and Peter is responsible for overseeing the organisation and the liaison between the local organising committee and European Athletics.

Having taken up his position in April 2009, Peter has quickly settled in as a popular member of the staff in Lausanne (even if his French is still pretty basic).

Director General Christian Milz is highly complimentary about Peter’s contribution to the work of European Athletics and Peter himself is full of enthusiasm.

He is presently in Barcelona as one of European Athletics’ team who will be working long hours behind the scenes to ensure that the European Championships are a complete success.

He follows the fortunes Cardiff AAC closely and is delighted that all the teams, but especially the British League team, are doing so well this year. He sends his best wishes to James Williams and the boys and is keeping his fingers crossed that they will get promotion to the top division.

Hasn’t he done well?