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Grants success

Thursday 28 January 2016

As a mark of the potential talent of Cardiff's young athletes, six have been awarded development grants by the Ron Pickering Memorial Fund.

Grants are specifically aimed at helping young athletes who have shown above average talent and Cardiff athletes usually feature in the annual lists.

This year's six are Kieran and Ryan Grimwade, Tom Hanson, Sarah Omoregie, Amelia Reynolds and Jac Palmer.

The Memorial Fund was established following the death of Ron Pickering in 1991 and has, since then, raised and distributed in grants well over £1.5million. The latest round of grants attracted 471 applications and 221 grants were awarded, totalling £44,600.

Ron Pickering had been national coach for Wales and had been coach to Olympic Gold medallist Lynn Davies, who is one of the fund's trustees together with John Lister and others.

The fund's main source of income is from runners in the London Marathon for which it has a certain number of guaranteed entries. Anyone interested in one of these entries should contact John Lister; the closing date for entries to the 2016 London Marathon is next week.

Further information can be found at www.rpmf.org.uk.